Medical Exams N-648

Doctors Independent Medical Enterprise, Inc.
Authorized by the USCIS
Citizenship Examinations

An initial evaluation with a USCIS authorized psychologist that can complete and fill out form N 648.

Who can apply?
Any applicant for naturalization who is seeking an exception to the English and/or civics requirements for naturalization because of a physical, developmental, or mental impairment.

An initial evaluation will cost $100.00 non refundable that will be credited towards a routine evaluation. This charge is only an interview process which includes a brief interview with the psychologist to determine whether your condition warrants further evaluation and/or investigations*. Should your condition warrant further testing and investigations the price will be as follows and the 100.00 applies towards the total.

*Routine evaluation $400.00
Routine evaluation will include:
Mental Status Examination
Woodcock reading
Beck Depression inventory
Beck anxiety inventory
Geriatric Depression inventory

Special discount applies on investigations done in conjuction with Routine Evaluation
IQ tests $150.00-$300.00
Cognitive tests- Woodcock Johnson III- $150.00-$300.00
Bender Neuropsychological screening- $150.00-$300.00
Wechsler Memory Scale III- $150.00-$400.00
Mental Status Examinations- $150.00- $400.00
Inventory $150 Beck- $300.00

By Appointment Only
3798 W Flagler Street in Miami
Telephone: (305) 444-1155 – Ask for Silvera

*Investigations noted are to be determined upon your evaluation and will differ from person to person based on their individual problems and conditions.